vermont is for recaps, too! #scandal #3MinuteRecap 

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Because sometimes there are no words. #scandal #whatjusthappened #whatdidntjusthappen 

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it’s baaaaaack… for this week… catch ‘em while you can! “More Cattle, Less Bull” #Scandal #3MinuteRecap

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Reblog if you still call your mom “Mommy”.
because there is speculation that this #Scandal storyline arc will end with Olivia Pope saying “Mom”, but I think she would actually say “Mommy”

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SCANDAL CARTOON - Episode 3 - Mrs. Smith Goes To Washington

  • Fitz: “You can’t shoot at Bay, everybody stand down, stand down.”
  • Rowan: “Do what you gotta do Player. Eli Pope over here, EASTSIDE! That’s what I thought.”
  • Olivia Pope as Tony Childs.. Craig, Cal, Chad, Corey, Carlito.
  • Even in a cartoon, I still hate that son-of-a-bitch…DIE JAKE FROM STATE FARM, JUST DIE!!!

I love these! I am dying laughing.

too. good. these are whassup.

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three minute recap for “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner”

you’ve seen it, now you can sing it.

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looking for written recaps of #scandal?? look no further… or look further if you want, but look here first.

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Anonymous said: Hey favouredwiles, # minute recap is awesome as always but is it too much to hope you'll also be writing recaps and reviews?? You have the best ones, I can't stand the idiocy some other reviewers spout and I re-read yours all the time. I have nothing to offer in return but my eternal gratitude if you do so it's an awful trade but hey, whatcha gonna do?

hey! thanks so much for reading and wanting more! i’ve been going back and forth with myself about whether or not to pick those up again, i love doing them, but they take a fair amount of time & work because i’m so picky about my writing so… i’m going to go on and write for the first two episodes and then offer it as a subscription service - probably $12 for the whole season, if i get enough subscribers - i’ll do them. if not… i’ll have to let them go or scale them way way back :(

we’ll see!